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Accounting Services For Small Business

Our Accounting Services

JMC Legacy Group and all our employees offer you a complete range of bookkeeping and accounting services tailored to meet the specific accounting and bookkeeping requirements of any business we need to serve. We are proud and happy to share the efforts you put into your work with you and contribute to your vision and achievements. Our licensed and certified professionals have served hundreds of individual businesses and worked as managers of large privately-owned companies.


You have a wide range of experience we have by doing financial business operation hands on at your disposal. This allows us to provide all of the services any business might need to be successful. Our services are guaranteed to be accurate, prompt and reliable and come without the added costs and burdens of hiring of an in-house employee. Our primary goal is always to ensure the success of your company and you, so we work together as partners. Let us make your life easier and allow yourself to focus on setting your business goals and operations without worrying about bookkeeping and accounting.

Quickbooks Support

You can help your company implement and maintain a professional, accurate and timely accounting system with the help of our QuickBooks ProAdvisors. With quick access and support, we take care of your books whenever you need, and track and manage all your relevant data. Our Advisors are available for personalized guidance and there to shed light on your business performance and more importantly to benchmark it against other companies in the niche. This will help you create a more accurate decision-making process with clear custom, actionable insights. Learn More

Bookkeeper Services

We make sure that all of your company’s expenses, income, and transactions are recorded, and that the company’s books are clean and always updated. We help companies reduce expenditures and improve their financial performance. Always be in the loop with the newest information, have our support, and get all the resources needed to fully understand and access available programs. Our bookkeeping professionals employ the latest technologies and accounting and bookkeeping software to provide the highest level of service at reasonable rates. Outsourced bookkeeping enables you to scale your business to your needs, without having to hire or train any additional staff. Learn More


There are three types of financing available to a small business owner such as debt financing, equity financing, or a combination of the two. Debt financing comes from banks, government loan programs, or anyone you can convince to lend you money, to be repaid over a period of time with interest. Equity finance – investing your own money, or funds from other stakeholders, in exchange for partial ownership.
Accounts receivable and accounts payable are essentially opposites. Accounts payable is the money a company owes its vendors, while accounts receivable is the money that is owed to the company, typically by customers.

The best thing you can do is to visit the official IRS website and select the taxes that apply to you and your business, or contact us for help.

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