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Corporation Tax Preparation

Our Corporation Tax Preparation Services

As tax regulations change from year to year, it isn’t always easy to keep up and comply. The tax preparers at JMC Legacy Group always stay up to date with the latest regulations. There is no situation we don’t know how to handle and we are always ready and able to identify any deductible items in your budget and receipts that you might have missed, minimizing your tax liabilities.

Don’t risk wasting a huge amount of time by making a mistake while filing your tax return. Communicating with the IRS to fix a mistake can be stressful and time-consuming. As your tax preparer, we will prepare and file your return accurately, easily justifying any tax preparation fees you may incur.

We prepare the following Tax Returns for our clients:

  • Form 1120 Corporate Tax Return
  • Form 1120S S-Corporation Tax Return
  • Form 1065 Partnership Firm Tax Return
  • Form 1040 Individual Tax Return
  • Form 1040 Trust Tax Return
  • Form 990 Charitable Organization Tax Return on Investment objectives.


If you are a sole proprietor or are in a business partnership, you report business income on your personal tax return by filling out Form T2125: Statement of Business or Professional Activities. If your business is a corporation, you will need to fill out T2.

The list given by the IRS for Filing and Paying Business Taxes should not be construed as all-inclusive. You should consult the instructions for each form for any related forms necessary to file a complete tax return. Other forms may be appropriate for your specific type of business. Contact us for help and additional information.

The ITR-4 Form is the Income Tax Return form for those taxpayers, who have opted for the presumptive income scheme as per Section 44AD, Section 44ADA and Section 44AE of the Income Tax Act. However, if the turnover of the business mentioned above exceeds Rs 2 crores, the taxpayer will have to file ITR-3.

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