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Financial Planning

Expert Financial Planning

We help you build your new future of financial independence by making sure all your financial concerns are addressed and taken care of such as:

Retirement Planning

You will finally be able to achieve long-term investment performance through different investment climates and macroeconomic conditions. We are here to make sure you don’t miss out on any retirement planning opportunities. Don’t lose the chance to prepare for your peaceful and relaxed retirement and we are confident we can help you do exactly that. Learn More

Financial Planning

You will get a thorough examination of your current situation and any existing or previous financial plans you may have had. Personal financial planning is the most effective way to manage wealth and make your dreams come true. This is why, based on your current needs and future goals, your JMC Legacy Group Advisor develops a comprehensive and custom-tailored financial strategy just for you. Learn More

Investment Management

You can make your dreams of a stress-free retirement, good education or travelling across the world come true. Investing and analyzing asset prices which occasionally deviate from values implied by underlying fundamentals create unique opportunities that our processes are designed to identify and exploit for you. Active investment management can be the turning point which enables you to meet all your investment objectives. Learn More

We Offer Two Flexible Ways to Work Together

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Regardless of your needs, our team will always find the best solutions for you.

Ongoing Wealth Management

JMC Legacy Group only works with vetted financial professionals. Your peace of mind is also ours.


You need to know your net worth so you can set goals and approach your finances in a calculated and informative way. By calculating your net worth, which is your financial health, you can vastly improve your financial status. If you sold everything you own, and covered all your debts, the remaining amount is your net worth.

Assets (things you own) such as cash and investments, your home and other real estate, cars or anything else of value minus Liabilities such as car loans, your mortgage, and student loan debt is what your net worth actually is.

Benefit plans or pension have become rare today unless you are a federal government or state employee. Still, the vast majority of employers do offer some forms of 401(k) plan. The 401(k) contribution limit is $19,500 in 2020. Workers age 50 and older can contribute an additional $6,500 in 2020. Qualifying for a 401(k) match is the fastest way to build wealth for retirement. Many financial advisors recommend saving more than 10% of your income for retirement.
People who are approaching retirement and those who are concerned about their family members who are approaching retirement are naturally concerned as to whether they will outlive their retirement funds. Retirement experts have offered various rules of thumb about how much you need to save: somewhere near $1 million, 80 to 90% of your annual pre-retirement income, 12 times your pre-retirement salary. Statistics based on estimates from Consumption Activities and Mail Survey (CAMS) in Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) Notes, September 2015. show that people usually spend various percentage of their income on different items such as:
Housing 47% 46% 44% 48%
Food 13% 12% 13% 14%
Health 8% 10% 11% 13%
Clothing 4% 3% 4% 3%
Transportation 14% 12% 11% 7%
Entertainment 10% 11% 9% 6%
Other 5% 6% 8% 9%

The average cost of a college degree has risen over 500% since 1985, according to Forbes Magazine. The cost of college has become such a huge budget issue, that parents usually need to spend years of saving. For a child born nowadays, parents should save at least $250 per month for an in-state public 4-year college, $450 per month for an out-of-state public 4-year college and $550 per month for a private non-profit 4-year college, from birth to college enrollment.

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